Fuck Yeah Drug Policy

Medical Marijuana Lawyers Challenge Feds to Bust All Pot Dispensaries or Bust None | SF Weekly

"The 10th Amendment forbids [the government] from selectively employing coercive tactics” on state and local governments to compel them to do its bidding in waging the war on drugs, reads the complaint filed [by the Americans for Safe Access] in federal court Thursday. In other words, the government should lock up every violator, or none at all. Also, the federal government can’t spook local and state governments so badly that it essentially forces the states to use cops to dictate policy.

Could this be the landmark case that lands the government’s War on Drugs before the Supreme Court? Maybe — and that’s something. Bear with us as we wax Hamiltonian and get all Federalist: The Constitution’s 10th Amendment reserves powers not specifically delegated to the Congress and federal authority to other governments, as in state or local governments. While marijuana is federally illegal, state and local governments can, nonetheless, make their own laws and must, according to the piece of paper (probably drafted on hemp paper, just like the Declaration of Independence) legally binding our states together, be left alone to do so. +

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