Fuck Yeah Drug Policy

A man in handcuffs cries as he says farewell to his son after he was arrested by the police on suspicion of drug dealing during a pre-dawn raid in an impoverished neighborhood of Bangkok February 25, 2011. The Narcotics Suppression Bureau of Thai police said their aim in 2011 is to stop the expansion of narcotics problem in the country. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

“Drugs are a big problem in Thailand and often we see pictures from press conferences where police display confiscated narcotics and detained suspects after a raid. So, the normal reaction after seeing those was to try to join the police on one of their raids and see them in action. The action I followed took us early in the morning to a slum in Bangkok’s suburbs. It was not a spectacular operation with lots of drugs found and suspects trying to avoid the detention. But, the real personal drama of the man detained was exposed when he hugged his son and cried as he was taken away. A small drug dealer crime - although petty if compared with those from the press conferences with tons of narcotics seized - can take a criminal to jail for a long time. When he comes out his son could be an adult man. Growing up in Bangkok’s slums without a father is not the best way to avoid all the dangers and possible misery.” 


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