Fuck Yeah Drug Policy

Whether we’re discussing drug prohibition or sugar prohibition - prohibition is wrong and it doesn’t work

"It’s one thing to advise the population on what may be good or bad for our health. Many people have chosen to quit smoking, for example, for health reasons even though they enjoy it. But it is quite another thing to demand that adults should change their habits at the whim of medical researchers, politicians or campaigners.

How we lead our lives should be our choice. If we enjoy smoking, drinking or sugary foods and drinks, it is up to us to balance up any possible health risk against the pleasures that we may forego. After all, for most people, these chronic health problems are largely diseases of old age.  We may well decide to ‘live fast and die a bit younger’. Yet the trend in recent years has been to take that choice out of our hands – through bans on smoking, for example – or to punish us financially for making the ‘wrong’ choices through what are, effectively, sin taxes. This policy trend robs us of our freedom and infantilises us, reducing valid adult choices to the equivalent of childish misbehaviour.”

Rob Lyons - The bitter taste of sugar prohibition | The Independent

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