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First US Pot Tourism Company Launches in Denver | The Fix

Following the recent passage of Amendment 64 in Colorado, which legalized recreational marijuana possession of up to one ounce for those 21 and older, two Denver entrepreneurs have launched the country’s first marijuana tourism company. In celebration of the worldwide marijuana holiday on April 20th, My 420 Tours has a full week’s schedule of events planned for visitors as part of “World Cannabis Week.” This includes car service from the airport to a “420 friendly” hotel, cooking classes, Home Grow Cultivation 101, concerts, bus tours, daily 4:20PM Happy Hour parties, and more. These packages range from $499 to $849 per person, and about 160 people have signed up so far. Since recreational marijuana sales remain illegal for at least a few more months in Colorado, the company won’t be doling out marijuana to its clients. But participants will enjoy access to certain events—such as the High Times Cannabis Cup—where pot is likely to be shared freely and legally. Matt Brown, one half of the entrepreneurial duo behind My 420 Tours, describes his vision for the week-long event: “This is not about coming to Colorado to get wrecked and smoke as much pot as you can and be a degenerate stoner hippie. We’ve modeled World Cannabis Week as a cross between a wine tour of Napa Valley and the best concert or entertainment experience you can imagine.”  

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