Fuck Yeah Drug Policy

"Pot Couponing" Is Now a Thing

If you’re a Denver resident, chances are you’ve heard of cannasaver.com. Local dispensaries and other cannabis-related businesses have started posting special offers on the four-month-old Canna-Saver (also known as the “Groupon of Marijuana”) which features discounts on buds, concentrates, vaporizers, edibles, and even legal services

One coupon promises “$1 joints all day on Wednesday, every week.” Another offers a “half gram of keif with purchase of a medicated item.”

Canna-Saver is expected to boom next year, when it will be legal to sell recreational weed in Colorado. The site’s founder, Brian Shapiro, says Canna-Saver is already raking in $3,000 per month on medical marijuana deals alone.

We think this is brilliant. Where else can you get 2 ounces of frosty bud for $300?

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