Fuck Yeah Drug Policy

Bill Gates Voted ‘Yes’ on Pot Legalization

In his home state of Washington, the richest man in America voted “yes” on I-502, the 2012 referendum that legalized marijuana. Gates said he didn’t expect the law to pass, but that now “it will be interesting to see” how the program develops. “It’s an experiment, and it’s probably good to have a couple states try it out to see before you make that national policy,” he told BuzzFeed on Tuesday.

He added that traffickers “are going to make a lot less money, and some of the perverse things about the illegal drug trade will be avoided.”

While at Harvard in the early Seventies, weed was Gates’ “pharmaceutical of choice” and he would occasionally “go off to the country and spend time contemplating the universe” with his roommate Sam Znaimer. 


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