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skinhead1992 asks:   Hey I was wondering I know that oj t of staters can buy pot in colorado but what about out of countryers thanks


As long as you have a government-issued ID and are at least 21, you’re able to purchase marijuana in Colorado.

the-pyroveride asks:   Glad to see you back!!


Thanks, glad to be back!

keepyourthoughtshidden asks:   You're alive!


I am! Sorry that I’ve been MIA for a while.

rearrangemetilimsane asks:   Concerning the question you received earlier about Ron Paul and DUI's on marijuana...I find it really hilarious when people ask him questions about marijuana since I know that his grandson smokes hella weed. Also, I've definitely cruised blunts with him multiple times. :}


For a minute there I thought you were saying that you cruised blunts with Ron Paul.

serris asks:   Yo as much as I like Ron Paul, he didn't really seem to answer the issue of DUI of pot. What do you think about it? That is, both detection and punishment?


I don’t think busting people for testing positive for marijuana would make the streets safer.

capricus asks:   Why do more people not know that the number one fear of the cartels and narcotics traffickers is legalization? Wouldn't this be helpful information, especially with legislators concerned about border violence?


I suppose a large part of it is that it doesn’t fit into the typical “reefer madness” type narrative that people have been bombarded with since the Thirties. Legalization isn’t an option in lot of people’s minds because they sincerely believe it would cause our society to dissolve into chaos. Instead of realizing that most crime and violence are a result of drug prohibition, most are quick to blame the drugs themselves. I think most people are paralyzed by all the fear-mongering. It hinders them from thinking about real solutions. 

I can’t decide if it would or wouldn’t be hard for me to believe that our politicians aren’t aware of this fact. There’s a lot we don’t know about what goes on behind closed doors within our government. Isn’t it amazing that the drug war is rarely mentioned when the mainstream media discusses border issues? Maybe it’s intentional. I don’t know. 

There was that time a drug lord officially thanked U.S. politicians for allowing him to get “stinking rich” by making sure drugs remain illegal. This story made the rounds on The Huffington Post and other alternative media sources but again, to my knowledge the MSM disregarded this pretty significant bit of news. (turns out this was actually a satire to draw attention to the drug war. apologies. h/t letterstomycountry)

serris asks:   Who is your blog's picture of, and/or why?


Stephen Baldwin. I like to be reminded of that time he went on Larry King Live and debated Ron Paul on marijuana legalization. It’s great. I just watched it again. Thank you.

lovemusicmatter asks:   Right on man! Thanks for the reblog and the tags being placed. Thanks for the support!


You’re welcome. Looks like a great event, wish I lived closer.

freedomschoolbustonowhere-deact asks:   will you be posting the full video when it is released? (Intelligence Squared)


Yes, I’m almost finished with it. I’ll probably queue it for tomorrow. In the meantime, you can find it here.

stirfrydays asks:   I just started a chapter for SSDP here in Florida and I'm wondering what ideas you may have as far as fundraising goes. I'd really appreciate the help.


You’ll find some great ideas on the SSDP website. Check out How to Fundraise for Your Chapter. Since you’re just getting started, you’ll also want to visit ssdp.org/resources if you haven’t already. And your outreach coordinator is always a great resource.

You can’t go wrong with a bake sale. Having baked goods is also an effective means of luring people to your table at your next activities fair.

Hope this helps! Good luck and keep us posted.

thiswontbearoundmuchanymore-dea asks:   I am writing an essay arguing against the prohibition of drugs for my political-science class. I have everything pretty much in the bag as far as my argument goes, the only snag I have hit is the argument that the legalization of drugs will cause more violence because more people will be on hard narcotics, and thus behave more violently. Has a study been conducted that contradicts this preconception and found that the majority of hard drug users do not harm anyone but themselves.


It’s unlikely that legalization will cause more violence. Prohibition is a drug cartels’ wet dream. Without it, they have no profit motive to do whatever it takes (e.g. kill and torture innocent people) to run their business. Dealers have no legal platform to settle disputes, so it’s done with violence. 

Most of the crime associated with illegal substances is theft. The price of these substances is inflated because dealing is a high risk business (because of prohibition). We don’t see people robbing 7-11s for a pack of cigarettes. We don’t live in fear of wine cartel violence. These cannot exist without prohibition.

If these substances are legal and addiction is treated as a health instead of a criminal issue (we don’t lock up alcoholics), addicts will have a better chance of getting help and recovering without having to fear criminal penalties.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your essay.

walkingthroughthe-clouds asks:   I just stumbled upon your tumblr, & I absolutely love it.


Thank you!